Hi! I'm Darlene - Your Coach for Results

Experience You Can Count On


Have you ever wondered why you are here on this Earth, at this particular time? 

Like so many others, I too, had that question about my own life. Once I discovered the powerful effects of coaching in my own life, I knew that all the steps I had taken in my past had led me to this one point in time. And it all began to make perfect sense. 

i  decided  I  had  to  share  this powerful  process  with  others.

In 2006, I became certified as a Life Coach. Clients who choose  to  work  with m   have also experienced similar results: enrichment in their lives, achieved  more clarity and joy, and designed a map that outlines their personal pathway to fulfillment. 


Clients often seek me out when they are facing transitions in their life - it could be a career change, a change in a personal relationship - or simply time for personal growth, 

Solving problems and conflicts becomes a smoother process once you know how to use your natural tools and skills. I teach you how to tap into your inner guidance system - which will never fail you.


I have a lot of interests - and I am a person who thrives on change. My varied background ranges from real estate sales to computer programming and complex network design, to managing large teams across the globe, and successful entrepreneurship.  In  2006, I  certified as a Success Coach. I am an experienced "Sherpa" guide to help my clients identify the gap and  provide the tools they need to build the bridge that will get them to their destination.  


When you work with me,we have fun!  You will discover new things about yourself. And you'll have the opportunity to try out new ways of being and thinking while in a safe environment where there is no judgement and no pressure. The joy of discovery is a priceless gift - and you will reap the rewards for the rest of your life.




My Mission

My mission is to serve as a guide for people just like you to step out of the ordinary as you discover ways to work with  your natural talents and gifts. The world is waiting for you!

            A little about me

--  I am a passionate person  in all endeavors.

-- Being in nature is a must for me.

-- Laughter is part of my daily regimen.

-- I appreciate structure - and also love spontaneity.

-- I  am a high-energy person and  gravitate toward bold colors.

-- I love animals - especially dogs.

-- I'm equally comfortable talking with a corporate board of directors as I am with a computer engineer,  a clerk in the  grocery store, or a college student.

-- Music lifts my soul; I always carry a song in my heart.

-- My 3 top traits:  honesty, integrity, loyalty

-- I believe in miracles - and witness them daily.


Is this THE YEAR that you begin to live more purposefully and with more ease?

Coaching is a great tool for people who are ready to bring change into their life and would like a guide to highlight the way.

In order to experience different results, you have to approach obstacles from a new, fresh perspective.  A skilled, experienced coach knows how to guide you through that journey so that you emerge with the tools and insights to set you on a lifetime of confidence, joy and harmony.

If you are ready to explore your life more fully, make an appointment and let's see if we are a good fit ! 

All coaching calls are confidential.