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Coaching is as unique as your fingerprint


What is Coaching?

When you feel you are in a time of transition, choices are before you, decisions need to be made . . . it is often the perfect time to hire a coach. I am trained to listen deeply, to ask thought-provoking questions so that YOU may discover new approaches and YOU can design your path forward.

If you are seeking out someone to tell you what to do, remind you of what should happen or cannot happen, or to point out all the mistakes you’ve made . . . then I am NOT the coach for you. That is not coaching. We get enough of that from our families and friends.

Coaching IS all about discovery. 

You will learn more about your strengths and unique gifts. And then you’ll find ways to bring those to the forefront in every aspect of your life so that you are living more purposefully and with confidence. You’ll find that you can deal with the ‘bumps in the road’ more effectively, with less angst, and with more ease.

Coaching IS about having fun. 

When you work with me, you’ll tap into your creativity, you’ll highlight your core values and learn how they guide you to make good choices and right decisions. You’ll carry new tools with you from now on - they will serve you through the rest of your lifetime. 

Coaching IS all about YOU. 

Each person is different, every one of us is in a different spot on the map. As my client, YOU are always the driver of the bus, and YOU decide where you are going. As the coach, I guide you to anticipate any traffic hazards and offer tools for navigation. There will be way points along the route that you may want to pause, and explore. You will delight and surprise us both with your wisdom, curiosity and discoveries.

Coaching IS about commitment. 

I commit to you that I will always be present and focused on you during our meetings. I carry no judgement, no pre-conceived ideas of what is right for you or what is wrong. Our meetings are confidential and no one knows you are my client – unless you choose to share that with others. 

It also means that you commit to being honest with yourself and me, that you are willing to do some homework and that you are ready to explore, so that you can experience different results in your life.

Are you ready to begin this journey?

Get on my calendar for a 20-minute discovery call and let’s explore!

more about me:

So you are curious to learn more about me.  I'm glad you stopped by.

The quick version is this: I grew up in a military family and we moved around - a lot. For some people, this could have been unsettling; but for me, it is what helped shape who I’ve become. I learned to love adventure, to seek out new experiences, and to build lasting relationships. I learned that making mistakes is a part of growing and fine-tuning, of perfecting; and for me, it is important that I challenge myself with new things in order to thrive.

As a result, change is not something I fear – I welcome it. And I know I am here to serve as a guide for you as you navigate changes in your life, your career or your business.

Many of my clients are facing some sort of transition when they seek me out. It might be a person facing a career transition, or someone facing retirement, or a loss of their soul mate . . . or an empty nester ready to discover “what’s next?” Sometimes, it is someone who wants to re-discover their passions, unleash their creative pursuits, rekindle a relationship, or revamp their business. In all cases, it is a normal human being with everyday pressures and dreams of what can be. 

Just like you.

It matters not what has come before. All that really matters is the NOW and what you want to do about it.

I truly believe there are no coincidences. Things happen for a reason. People’s paths cross because it was supposed to happen. 

What we do with these “chance” events is up to us. 

Darlene's Brief Bio:

Career History

 30+ years in the computer industry, ranging from owning my own retail and consulting business, to programming software, to designing large-scale networks for businesses and world-wide enterprises.

During my career, I certified as a Microsoft® Computer Systems Engineer (MCSE). I was on the forefront of the Internet technologies and helped a large communications company integrate the power of the Internet with their print publications.

In my final corporate role, I managed a global team of 250 people for a large enterprise, ensuring network stability and security on a 24x7 basis. I left the corporate working environment in 2015.

BS in Business Management

Life Coach Certified in 2006. 

I am a workshop presenter and writer 



Former memberships and awards include:

  • · Toastmasters International (Silver Level) with numerous speaking awards. 
  • · American Business Women’s Association (ABWA) for 35 yrs; 

                          local chapter Woman of The Year in 2001.

  • · MCSE Certification from Microsoft Corporation
  • · Project Management Institute (PMP certification in 2009)
  •   I volunteer on numerous homeless and transition projects, and support veterans and the elderly.
  •   My favorite pastimes are being in nature, reading, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.


Is this THE YEAR that you begin to live more purposefully and with more ease?

Coaching is a great tool for people who are ready to bring change into their life and would like a guide to highlight the way.

In order to experience different results, you have to approach obstacles from a new, fresh perspective.  A skilled, experienced coach knows how to guide you through that journey so that you emerge with the tools and insights to set you on a lifetime of confidence, joy and harmony.

If you are ready to bring positive change into your life (or your business)  make an appointment and let's see if we are a good fit ! 

All coaching calls are confidential.