Entrepreneur Coaching At-A-Glance

Program is customized for your specific focus

Being your own boss is as good as it gets.  With it, comes a lot of pressure and responsibilities. Coaching is appropriate when you feel stuck, know it's time to grow - or time to go,  or when you are getting feedback that things need to change. If you want to see different results in your life and in your business, it's time to approach things in a different way.

As with my other coaching offers, I always customize your program to fit YOUR priorities. Maybe it's increasing sales, maybe it's figuring  out how to hire the best people (and keep them!). Do you have a solid vision for you company? What are the values and norms for your business?

AS A BONUS: you can tap into my years of management and entrepreneur experience. 

session structure

Most client programs consist of approximately 10 sessions (usually 45-50 minutes each) over a year's time.  We meet every 2 or 3 weeks depending on your schedule and your preferences. For some business owners who want to hone in on just one major area,  I have a 6-session package that  usually accomplishes what my clients seek. Your customized coaching program is ALL ABOUT YOU.


"OMG! Darlene's creativity tools really set me on the right path! I'm often a step ahead of my competition. She also showed me how to unlock my inner wisdom and power. Now I make decisions with better clarity and confidence. I love being an entrepreneur again!"

It's Your Business!

it can Get lonely at that water cooler!

When you are your own boss, who do you go to as a sounding board? How do you test out your new ideas? And where can you go to express your frustrations and worries when you feel stuck?  Maybe you want to focus on ways to increase your sales, maybe it's figuring out how to hire the best people (and keep them!). Do you have a solid vision for you company? What are the values and norms for your business?

Hiring a business coach can be one of the best investments in your business.

Most of my clients prefer a one-on-one program with me so that we stay totally focused on their specific areas.  However, some prefer working in a group, collaborative environment, and for that I provide a "mastermind" concept with a structured program called, "It's Your Business."  

In the IT'S YOUR BUSINESS program, we cover everything from your mission, goals and vision for your company, your company's core values - and how they match with your personal ones, your business planning process and hiring process. We can hone in on increasing sales and how you gain new, loyal customers.  And not to forget your life-balance!  There is no need to sacrifice your family and personal life. You CAN manage it all.


And it's about learning what works FOR YOU, making use of those special talents and gifts that no one else has or can do in the same way as you.


Typical results youcan expect while working with me.:

  • Clearer focus on mission and values for your business - and how to bring it together 
  • Discover and unleash your special gifts
  • Improved productivity - for you and your team 
  • Greater confidence in your decision-making
  • Improved sales and customer retention
  • Making better hiring decisions
  • Balancing life and work . . . and so much more!

A message from Darlene



I get you. I know it can be quite lonely at the water cooler. When you are in charge of everything, it's helpful to have a coach in your corner. 

I owned and operated a successful computer retail business for 10 years. During that time I managed all the tasks from marketing, hiring, sales,  inventory, equipment repair, training, financial accounting, vendors and customers.

I have also owned many home-based businesses -

what I call "solo-preneuring."   And yes, it can really get lonely at the top!

No matter whether you are just starting out or you've been in business over 5 years . . . I would love for you to experience the power of Success Coaching. Get on my calendar for a free, no-obligation, discovery call!