Life Coaching At-A-Glance

Program is customized for your specific focus

What would it be like if you were able to ignore that little voice that is always holding you back every time you want to do or try something new? There's another voice inside you that wants to encourage and embolden you. Let's teach it to come out and play!

session structure

Most client programs consist of approximately 10 sessions (usually 45-50 minutes each) over a year's time.  We meet every 2 or 3 weeks depending on your schedule and your preferences.  Sometimes, a client wants a simple focus on a specific area of his or her life and we can accomplish what they desire in 2 or 3 sessions. Your customized coaching program is ALL ABOUT YOU.


"Coaching zeroed in on my life with a magnifying lens of such power and focus to dispel age-old cobwebs and doubts in my head.  Darlene has proven to be a pivotal coach. She is truly amazing at what she does and was amazing to work with."

Think of this as "successful living"

everyone can benefit from life coaching

LIFE COACHING is all about YOU!  Some clients want to simplify their lives; others want to enhance their life - bring MORE of something into their iife.  What is is it - right now - that you would like to see occurring in your life?

Coaching is all about discovery and learning more about your unique gifts, and finding a more purposeful, intentional way of living.  It's about attracting and bringing in more of what you want. (More happiness, more satisfying work, a healthier lifestyle, finding new friends, building stronger relationships, more money, a better home . . . you decide!)

And it's about learning what works FOR YOU, making use of those special talents and gifts that no one else has or can do in the same way as you.

Are you S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D?

We all juggle a lot of plates these days and it is easy to become overwhelmed or overloaded.  YES! It is IS possible to reap rewards without sacrificing your family or relationships.


Typical things you may discover during your sessions with me:

  • Clearer purpose for your life
  • Discover and unleash your special gifts
  • Ability to focus and accomplish more
  • Greater confidence in your decision-making
  • Stronger relationships
  • Create new habits that are more supportive
  • Feel more alive than ever before
  • Find greater fulfillment in all that you do
  •  . . . and so much more!

A message from Darlene



Have you ever asked yourself similar questions?  

I know I did.  I was successful, and yet I felt frustrated, restless, and yes, even burnout.  I hired a Life Coach (I call it Success Coaching) and eventually, all the loose ends came together. The experience made such a powerful impact on my life, I knew I had to bring this process to others.

I would love for you to experience the power of Success Coaching. Get on my calendar for a free, no-obligation discovery call!