Career Coaching At-A-Glance

Program is customized for your specific focus

Maybe you are a recent graduate or an empty-nester looking for that first-time job opportunity.  Maybe you've been in a job so long that you're bored and no longer excited to go to work each day. Or perhaps . . . you  are ready to move up the ladder in a career you love.  Ready to retire?  Let's explore what's next! 

Session Structure

Career coaching is highly personal for each client. I offer 3-session, 5-session and 8-session packages that will be customized to cover the topics of most importance to you. Each session is usually 45-50 minutes, and we typically will meet every 2 or 3 weeks depending on your schedule and your preferences.  

I also offer optional skills assessment and personality testing to help you learn more about your strengths and hidden talents. You may be surprised at what you discover about yourself!

ATTENTION MANAGERS: I recognize the expense involved in hiring and training. Coaching can be an excellent tool to help improve an employee's "soft skills" so they can improve their chances of being promoted.  Similarly, one-on-one coaching for disciplinary reasons can also be a great step toward salvaging your investment in your personnel. Contact me.


"Once I realized my hidden talents and understood how to put them to use, I was able to thrive in my current job - and then I got promoted!"

No matter the job, do it well and do it with passion.

just having a resume' isn't enough anymore

Let's be truthful.  Right now, the job market is highly competitive. For most people, it's a bit nerve-wracking to scout out a new job.  And since it's not something you do everyday, your resume-writing skills may be a bit rusty. Your interview skills - well, that puts a lot of people into a sweat.  This process of changing jobs, moving into new careers  . . . it doesn't have to be scary!

In Career Coaching, we cover all your bases, from finding out what your hidden talents and gifts are, discovering what really excites you about this job - or the one you are seeking . . . and then, we pull it all together so you are confident and ready to go after it. 

DID YOU KNOW THAT WHEN YOU ARE HAPPY ON THE JOB, YOU ARE ALSO HEALTHIER?  When we carry stress and unhappiness with us, we are not doing our best work. That negativity is eventually displayed outwardly toward others, and it also affects our physical and mental well being.  Most of your working hour are spent at work - let's get you energized and focused on what will bring you a sense of accomplishment so that you can THRIVE! 


I have a special program called, "You're Hired!" It walks you through all the steps you need from resume' writing, to polishing your interview skills and  what to do when the offer comes in.


Congratulations!  It's exciting to move up in the company.  And when new responsibilities are a part of your job, it's critical to bring in different skills so that you can meet your boss's new expectations.  Coaching can be a powerful tool to help you explore where you're strongest and where (and how) to get the additional training you may want.  Our time together is also a great "playground" to test out ways to work and talk with your new team.


Typical results you may realize during your sessions with me:

  • Clarity on what you are seeking next in your career
  • Outline next steps
  • Get excited about your work!
  • Understand your true gifts and talents - and how to express them
  • Create a resume' that gets the right attention
  • Feel prepared for those tough interview questions
  • Stronger negotiation skills during the offer period
  •  . . . and so much more!

A message from Darlene - for the Job Seeker


Does your career feel stalled? Do you want to do something different?

During my 30-plus years in the workplace, I worked in the large corporate environment (managing teams as large as 250), and I also have managed my own businesses.  Through these roles, I have interviewed and hired - literally - thousands of people.  i saw all the mistakes others made on their resumes and during their interviews.  I also knew how to ask the tough questions that would get right down to what I needed to know about the applicant to see if he or she would be a good fit for the position.


Let's identify your core strengths, discover your true passions and bring it all together with your experience and talents to set you up for the best possible scenario in your next career move.